Kenya-based ISP, poa! Internet Announces Plan to Double Internet Speeds for Home Users across its Network

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poa! internet, Kenya’s low-cost community Internet service provider (ISP), has upgraded its home connections in the country’s Kiambu County to deliver speeds of up to 4 megabytes per second (Mbps), more than twice the previous speed of its unlimited Internet, for the same monthly subscription of Ksh1500 ($15) a month.

“Doubling speeds to the first wave of our thousands of home customers means that they are enjoying a quality that our competitors are offering for a far higher price; reflecting our continued emphasis on ‘no-frills’ empowerment for Internet users in low income and rural areas,” said poa! Internet CEO Andy Halsall.

The company stated that unlike other providers, poa! Internet focuses on stripping out unnecessary costs. It does not have huge elaborate headquarters or spend on expensive, market-saturating advertising campaigns. poa! then passes these savings onto its customers.

“Our emphasis is on providing the best possible service for the minimum price, so that as many people as possible can a operations. Thus, where others have huge marketing and corporate entertainment spends, we can keep passing the value and savings onto our customers,” he added.

As a result, poa! Internet is now offering the best priced unlimited internet service in Kenya, delivering savings of up to sh3500 a month on some competitors’ packages.

The speed boost comes just three weeks after the ISP launched its first wave of rural networks in Ting’ang’a village, Kiambu County. The company had since launched its service in Kirigiti and has more locations coming online imminently.

“We are continuously building our network to reach rural areas,” said Halsall.

“Meanwhile, in our existing connection areas of Kibera and Kawangware, we are now in the process of upgrading our network to deliver these new speeds and offer outstanding web surfing, emails, social media, (HD) video streaming, music and movie downloads, all at no additional charge to our customers,” he continued.

poa! internet provides internet connectivity to tens of thousands of customers across both its public Wi-Fi and poa! home services in Kenya’s Nairobi and Kiambu Counties, but it’s growth is now focussed on rural expansion.

Two thirds of Kenya’s population live in rural areas, but fewer than one in nine have any form of internet access and fewer than one in a hundred can access unlimited Internet.

“We are now living our mission to connect Kenya’s villages with the cheapest possible unlimited Internet connections by deploying innovative technology and infrastructure,” said Rhodes.

According to Richard Thanki, an Economist at the University of Southampton, for every 10% growth in Internet access, the GDP growth in a country is likely to increase by 1.38%.

On this basis, Poa! Internet is now at the forefront in realising Kenya’s Vision 2030, a development plan that aimed at bridging the country’s digital divide.

As one of Kenya’s fastest growing ISPs, poa! internet currently operates in Kibera, Kawangware, Jamhuri and Kabiria regions in Nairobi, and now in areas of Kiambu, Ting’ang’a and Kirigiti, which are home to some of the country’s rural population.


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