Sustainability Gains Help Liquid Telecom Kenya’s Sales Growth Jump by 20%

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New strategies based on sustainable business practices have helped Liquid Telecom Kenya register a sales growth of up to 20%.

Liquid Telecom is known as the leading independent data, voice and IP provider in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. It supplies fibre optic, satellite and international carrier services to Africa’s largest mobile network operators, internet service providers (ISPs) and businesses of all sizes. It also provides payment solutions to financial institutions and retailers, as well as award winning data storage and communication solutions to businesses across Africa and beyond.

The Kenyan charter of the multiregional telecommunications company released its second 2018 sustainability report this month.

The report revealed key strategies that have driven the significant sales growth.

For instance, in 2017, the company reduced its diesel use by 35% by installing solar panels, deploying voltage regulators on generators, and building a power substation to reduce diesel use triggered by grid power outages. The firm managed to save a further Ksh2 million in electricity costs by introducing energy saving bulbs.

“We believe the strength of the business performance reflects the better value and wider range of services we have been able to offer as a result of the financial, transparency and efficiency gains from our sustainability initiatives,” commented Adil Youssefi, Liquid Telecom CEO for East Africa.

The firm recently announced a partnership with the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) Limited to operate its Optical Ground Wire fibre cable and expand fast connectivity to the country’s interior parts.

Liquid Telecom also announced the completion of its fibre network across Kenya. The move has, thus far, improved speed and reduced downtime.

The recent initiatives come at a time when the greater Liquid Telecom company has announced a partnership with satellite communications company, Kymeta. The deal will enable the former firm to deliver enhanced satellite mobile connectivity across Africa.

“This will provide high-speed bandwidth mobile internet access to private and public-sector organisations that would normally have difficulty accessing reliable, affordable internet, particularly in remote locations,” Liquid Telecom said in a statement.

The company has reaffirmed its commitment to improving its service delivery in Kenya and its other African bases of operation.


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