Angola: Lunda Sul Government to Strengthen Municipal Economies

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The provincial government of Lunda Sul intends to strengthen the diversification of local economies through the development and exploitation of natural resources in the four municipalities, namely Cacolo, Dala, Muconda and Saurimo, said the governor, Cândida Narciso.

Speaking at a meeting with municipal administrators to coordinate actions in various areas, the official said that her government intends to promote social inclusion, strengthen diversification of local economies, innovation in public management, environmental protection, development and rational use of natural resources in each municipality, aiming for the local economic growth and consequently the improvement of the people’s living conditions.

So, the governor considered was necessary and urgent that each municipality should promote its economic well-being by improving its competitive position with the natural resources at its disposal, thus increasing the level of income.

“We must therefore understand that local development under an economic approach encompasses growth through mechanisms that favour development processes and effective forms of action by economic, social and political actors”, she said.

According to her, the four municipalities of Lunda Sul province have unexplored natural resources that can fully serve the development of each territory.

In this regard, the promotion of entrepreneurship must play a fundamental role in local economic dynamism, as entrepreneurs are responsible for eliminating trade and cultural barriers, reducing distance, renewing local economic concepts and creating new working relationships.

During the meeting, it was analyzed the current situation of projects in the sectors of Agriculture, Fisheries and Energy and Water.

Meeting also discussed the degree of compliance of the Municipal Integrated and Rural Development and Poverty Combat Programme of each municipality.


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