Enterprise Mauritius Woos Buyers of High-end Products from Hungary and Poland

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Enterprise Mauritius (EM) is seeking to secure markets in Eastern Europe by promoting sellers of high-end made in Mauritius products in Poland and Hungary.

EM is strategically planning for the first time to organize Buyers Sellers Meetings (BSM) in Poland and Hungary from 8 to 12 May 2017.

According to EM, the aim is to build sustainable trade relations with these two Eastern European countries.

“This initiative is in line with EM’s market diversification efforts and to mitigate the possible effects of Breitling,” read a statement from EM.

Operators from the agro and textile and apparel sectors will participate in the BSM. A whole range of products such as rum, blended spirits, vodka, liquor, instant noodles, pickles as well as a wide collection of apparel products such as jeans, denim fabric, ladies and menswear, uniforms and caps will be showcased.

EM added that the objective of this promotional event is to project Mauritius as a reliable sourcing destination for quality and high end products and accelerate the current exports trend to Poland and Hungary.

The BSM is also an opportunity for Mauritian exporters to gain insight into these new markets, understand the business culture and the way of doing business with Hungarian and Polish importers.

It will also help foster linkages with potential buyers.

Hungary is a small country which is highly engaged in international trade. The country’s favourable geographical location places it at the crossroads of main commercial routes.

From Hungary, a market of some 250 million people can be reached within 600 miles. The value of domestic exports, mainly of special sugars and seafood products, has increased from Rs 15 million in 2015 to Rs 23 million in 2016.

Poland is by far the most populous country in Central and Eastern Europe with over 38 million inhabitants and has the largest working population. According to the International Monetary Fund Mission Chief for Poland, the economy has been one of the best performers in Central and Eastern Europe in the past decade.

With a GDP of Euro 430 billion in 2015, Poland offers considerable potential for the Mauritian business community. Growth is projected to accelerate to 3.7% in 2017. Mauritian exports to Poland has increased from Rs 183 million in 2015 to Rs 187 million in 2016.

Being members of the European Union, Mauritian products will enter these markets duty free under provisions of the Interim Economic Partnership Agreements.


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