TMEA Proposes Strategy to Improve Burundi’s Trade Balance

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Regional business lobby group TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) has identified the Greater Imbo Region in Burundi as the location to implement the Growth Hub programme aimed at strengthening new export potential value chains; enhancing cross-border trade with neighbouring countries; and increasing the country’s participation in the regional market.

The region stretches from Cibitoke in the North of Burundi bordering Rwanda to Makamba in the South neighbouring Tanzania.

It contributes 30 per cent of Burundi’s staple crop production of cassava, maize and rice; 70 per cent of fish stock and distribution; 30 per cent of livestock; and 45 per cent of national milk production.

Imbo also boasts a rich production of tropical fruit including pineapple, passion fruit, mandarin, mangoes and tomatoes. It grows palm trees used to produce cooking oil and for the manufacture of soap.

Its rich natural resources have the potential to increase economic activity in the region.

According to Aime Nzoyihera, Acting Country Director TMEA Burundi, the programme will create employment as well as increase income for the people in the selected sub-sectors.

TMEA’s proposal of the programme which seeks to improve Burundi’s trade balance in phases, together with a set of recommendations will be

incorporated in a final document for final approval.


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