Automotive Giant, UADH Partners with OLA Energy to Roll Out Vehicle Service Networks in Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal

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OLA Energy, a key operator in the distribution of petroleum products across Africa, has signed an agreement with automotive industry giant, UADH that covers the establishment of Eurorepar Car Service workshops at OLA Energy service stations in Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal.

The two entities expect further expansion throughout the operator’s Pan-African network.

The partnership is expected to speed up the development in Africa of Eurorepar Car Service, PSA Group’s multi-brand network.

Located in 17 countries, with a network of over 1,200 service stations, 8 lubricant manufacturing plants, over 60 fuel storage facilities and a presence in over 50 airports across Africa, OLA Energy is a key operator in petroleum products sales on the African continent.

The Group employs over 1 500 staff, from various countries, and generates approximately 20,000 indirect jobs in the countries where it operates. Its sites and service stations are visited by an average of 400,000 customers per day.

The OLA Energy agreement with UADH covers the deployment of the Eurorepar Car Service network, firstly to Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal, with a possible rollout to other countries in Sub-Saharan and Eastern Africa.

“For UADH, this is an opportunity to fast-track the deployment of the Eurorepar Car Service network via existing sites and to offer the PSA Group’s range of multi-brand spare parts, including the Eurorepar range, which has over 60 000 items in 12 product families,” OLA Energy said in a recent statement.

Commenting on the agreement, Walid Loukil, Deputy CEO at UADH, said the firm is happy to be consolidating its links with its two longstanding partners, the PSA Group and OLA Energy, with whom they have worked with in Tunisia.

“The agreements signed today will enable our three entities, which until now had been operating individually in Africa, with considerable success, to give Eurorepar Car Service the benefit of our respective know-how and our various networks, enabling it to spread out rapidly across Africa,” Loukil added.

“We aim to achieve a comprehensive and integrated customer experience, offering a higher level of quality and closer ties with our customers. By optimising the range of first-class services available at service stations, this partnership of excellence will enable OLA Energy and UADH customers to benefit from synergies between automotive maintenance and service stations,” Maurizio Libutti, Chief Operating Officer at OLA Energy, concluded.


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