AXA Mansard launches “The First Responder Service”, a new insurance product

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AXA Mansard Insurance launched “The First Responder Service”, an initiative which aims to support customers whose vehicles are insured with the company whenever they are involved in road accidents.

AXA Mansard Insurance, which is a member of AXA Group said the product is meant to provide flexible and efficient claims settlement to customers on the retail motor insurance plan right at the scene of accident and also to provide necessary assistance to the customers. It was designed to reduce turnaround time for service delivery to customers.

Mrs. Rashidat Adebisi, the Divisional Director, Retail Solutions of AXA Mansard Insurance, said that with the introduction of the new service, customers would have access to First Responder Officers (FROs) who have been trained to perform the first responder duties.

It was revealed that the FROs, who are also members of staff of AXA Mansard Insurance, would provide on-the-spot assistance to the customers, assess damage to customers’ vehicles, adjust claims and initiate the claims.

Adebisi said “we are delighted to introduce the AXA First Responder Service to our vehicle insurance subscribers. Customer experience is very important to us and we are ensuring that we provide services that would be customer oriented”.

She added that “the service would help our customers to get both service and support at the scene of unwanted situations like road traffic accidents. We assure our customers that they would receive the needed support as they navigate their ways around town”.

According to Adebisi, in carrying out this service, the FRO was expected to arrive at the scene of the accident within 10-30 minutes of the customer’s call and the officer would arrive on a power bike, this strategy has been used in order to address the perennial traffic situation in Lagos.


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