Ghana To Build A Stronger Export Sector

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The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) will host a training workshop to provide trade information and referral services to the business community, particularly, the exporter community. GEPA will select 35 participants from financial and other sectors in export marketing fundamentals to undergo training.

The aim of the workshop is to support the export community to acquire managerial, technical and trade capacity as well as understand the current global export trends to give Ghana a competitive edge.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of GEPA, Mr Stephen Normeshie, said exports remain key to the development of the country and dealing with foreign exchange constraints. In order to enhance capacity and meet the requirements in the global market, exporters must be apt to the task. 
He assured the readiness of the Ghana Export School to scale up market training programmes for exporters.

Mr Normeshie added that the building the skills and capacities of exporters is very critical if the country’s goal of increasing export returns is to be achieved. Exporters need to be schooled on recent trends and changes in the export market in order to remain competitive and also help the country to grow its export base.

Among the topics being treated are Export Marketing Research, Product Planning and Product Adaptation, Legal Contracts and Negotiations, Sanitary and Photo sanitary Specification and Export Procedures and Documentation.

Mr Normeshie acknowledged the steady growth of exports at an annual average rate of about 14.79 per cent from $777.59 million in 2005 to $2.514 billion in 2014. However, in 2012 the total earnings saw a decline in earnings to $2.364 billion from $2.423 billion in 2011. In 2013, earnings from the sector went up by 3.05 per cent to $2.436 billion.

He said the rise and decline calls for the attention of the sector to improve and sustain its growth expressing hope that the training would provide the opportunity to contribute towards a much stronger sector.


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