Kenya-Based Package Delivery Service, Savo Store Suspends Sea Shipping Operations until September

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Savo Store, a Kenya-based package delivery service has suspended its sea shipping operations until September, 2019.

The platform, which is designed to give clients direct access to products sold on US online stores, made the announcement this July.

“We will be temporarily suspending our Shipping Only – SEA service until September,” the company said in a statement.

“While we’ve had a sea shipment depart every month since January, we’d like to take some time to figure out ways to make this service more efficient and to increase the volume so as to make it cost-effective for our clients,” the statement read in part.

The company is currently not accepting any goods for shipment by sea until further notice and will announce the next sea ship date in early September.

Savo Store’s Shipping Only – Air service, however, remains fully operational.

The announcement comes at a time when most US online stores will not accept foreign credit cards and will not ship to an address outside the US.

Savo Store has noted that attempting to buy a product from a US online store from outside the US can prove to be difficult, if not outright impossible. Most online stores do not accept foreign credit or debit cards. The majority do not ship to addresses outside the United States.

“Amazingly, many U.S. online stores do not ship to developed countries such as the U.K. and Australia. Those who do generally charge exorbitant freight fees,” Savo Store said in an earlier statement.

“Using our logistics resources in the US, we completely eliminate all barriers that deny non-US consumers access to US products and brands.

The company usually buys goods online on behalf of their customers and promptly ships the goods out to them in Kenya.



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