Kenya-Based Ride Hailing Service, Little Launches Shuttle Booking Option as Competition among Local Taxi Companies Heats Up

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Little, a Kenya-based ride hailing service, has launched an option to book shuttles via its platform as competition among local taxi companies continues to heat up.

Speaking after the launch, Little CEO, Kamal Budhabhatti affirmed that the company is working hard to ensure it provides its users with the best Technology products in the sharing economy.

“We started with hailing cabs, then we added Boda Boda,” Budhabhatti explained, referring to motorcycle riders.

“Both these offerings have been successful. Today, Little serves not just riders in Kenyan cities, but also serve Uganda, Zambia and before the end of February, we should be in Tanzania,” he continued.

Little was launched in Kenya in 2016 by telecommunications giant, Safaricom and software company, Craft Silicon. It was unveiled at a time when pre-existing service providers such as Uber, Taxify and Mondo Ride were already actively fighting for market share.

Now Little has launched a first of its kind offering within the Kenyan market, giving the platform an edge over its competitors.

“I am glad to inform you that we have now launched Little Shuttle. At the press of a button, you can book a Shuttle. A Shuttle that is clean and safe, a Shuttle without hassle, exactly how an ideal mass transport should be. However, we are honest to let you know that this is a new service, and we are also perfecting our game,” said Budhabhatti.

As part of its offering, Little has opened up three fruit-themed routes in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi, including its ‘Apple Route’ from Nairobi’s Kahawa Sukari area to Westlands and back; ‘Avacado Route’ from BOMAS to Upperhill to the central business district (CBD) and back; and ‘Lemon Route’ from Kinoo to South B and back.

Currently the frequency of these shuttles is every two hours, starting from 6:45 am on week days.

“However, with time, we would be adding more shuttles on these routes, as well open over 10 new routes. On Sundays, we will have routes that will take you to your church and back,” said Budhabhatti.


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