Kenya-Based Taxi Hailing Service, Little Branches into Zambia with Plans for Further Expansion

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Little, one of Kenya’s ride hailing services, has officially began operations in Zambia. The taxi service provider made the announcement this week at a time when competition within the industry has been especially high.

Little has been facing off against rivals such as Uber and Taxify, both of which have a strong following in the East African nation.

“Tanzania is next on our line,” said Kamal Budhabhatti, Founder of Indian fintech company, Craft Silicon, which bought a Ksh300 million ($2.95 million) stake in Little in June, 2018.

“Africa knows, and world is acknowledging that Kenyan tech companies are no jokers. I always had a dream that Kenyan tech companies should rule Africa and beyond. There are some great technology companies in our country, and that day is on its way. Not far at all,” Budhabhatti said in a statement issued this week.

Little launched in Kenya in July 2016. Its entry into the local online taxi hailing space sparked off a price war that pitted it against rivals Uber and Estonian-based Taxify

“When we launched Little with Safaricom two years back, I was having a discussion with Bob Collymore and Dr Bitange Ndemo,” he continued, referring to Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore and Dr. Bitange Ndemo, Kenya’s former Information, Communication and Technology Permanent Secretary.

“I told Bob that I have a dream to make Little bigger than Safaricom. I am not sure if he took me seriously, but I was serious. And I am serious. I have that gut feeling that something great is shaping up. We are far from that dream; however, we are not going to rest till we make our dream come true. We know quite well that success does not come to you. You must fight for it, and that success comes one step at a time, and we very well know that dreams never come true without a lot of failures. I want to thank Bob and Dr Ndemo, without them giving me a bootstrap, we may not have been where we are today,” commented Budhabhatti.

He added that Little is not just a hailing app, but a companion app as well.

“You can load your Little Wallet for your Rides, buy airtime and pay your bills, Gift Rides to your friends, create personalized promo codes for your events, schedule rides, get a corporate package for your staff, and a lot more. I can say this without a doubt that Little is the most preferred Hailing App in our country today,” Budhabhatti said.

He stated that his dream is to start putting the Kenyan flag in more African countries. The group recently branched to Uganda and has since announced plans for further expansion.


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