Taxify projects huge growth in Africa, aims to overtake Uber in Europe

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Taxify, an international transportation network company founded and headquartered in Estonia, expects to grow its African business 10-fold over the next two years while it works to dethrone Uber in Europe.

The firm’s CEO, Markus Villig said Taxify, which has 15 million customers and 500,000 drivers on its platform in more than 25 countries, was on track for its drivers to rake a combined €1 billion from rides in 2018. During this week’s Web Summit conference in Lisbon, he said the firm will strive to add more services and more countries in 2019.

Villig said “we see massive potential in Africa to grow at least 10 times in the next two years. We grew our number of rides 10 times in 2017 and will be one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry this year as well”.

Villig is aiming to overtake Uber, a San Francisco-based ride-hailing firm active in 80 countries, in both the number of users and rides. He said “when you look at other regions in the world you have a local champion win in that place. We want to be that leader in Europe, that’s our focus”.

Uber takes around a 25 percent cut of fares from drivers using its app. Taxify on the other hand, takes a 15 percent commission, arguing happier drivers provide a better service.

Noting that consumers benefit from the flexibility and competition brought by taxi-hailing platforms, Taxify has been working with European regulators to try to amend strict public transport laws and rules.



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