Tema Port Revenue Shoots Up 56% Following Introduction of Paperless System

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Dr Mahamadu Bawumia (Vice President, Ghana) has recently revealed that Tema Port’s revenue has witnessed a huge increase. Tema Port is the largest in the country and its revenue was GH¢130 million back September 2016. For September 2017, the figure for the same period is GH¢213 million.

According to the Vice President, it is because of the introduction of the paperless technology which reduced the chances of corruption. The efficient paperless technology came into effect from 1st of September. He revealed that by using the paperless technology, there has been 56% increase in the revenue.

The Vice president also holds the charge of Ghana’s economic management team. He concluded that the technology to record the transactions made a positive impact. A number of stakeholders resisted the introduction of the paperless technology and they are the people ‘cheating’ the system, said Dr Bawumia while addressing at the inaugural of 170 National Service Personnel of the National Communications Authority, in Accra.

He also revealed that the people were surprised to witness the speed at which their containers got cleared in just four hours due to the introduction of the new technology. It is believed that same technology should be used to bring improvements in African transport industry. He further claimed that the government is committed to rooting out the corrupt practices from different sectors by using the technology.

Dr Bawumia continued that the aim of the government was to digitize the economy an anticipation of the transformative impact. It will help the country to progress in the right direction to build a competitive economic environment. According to the Vice President, the next step is to introduce the paperless address system immediately during the next couple of months.

The Vice President advocated the government’s intentions towards the solution of inefficient practices and to modernize the address location system in the country by using the Global Positioning System. Ghana Post will provide assistance with Postal Codes in this regard. He is hopeful that this technology will enable to locate the precise location even if you are standing on a river bank.


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