Uber Launches Injury Protection Insurance Cover for its Riders in Kenya

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Uber, the world-famous ride hailing service, has introduced a Rider Injury Protection cover in Kenya. Beginning on 21 December 2018, Uber riders will be protected from the financial cost of injury and medical expenses.

This insurance is a product from leading financial services group, UAP-Old Mutual is paid by Uber and at no cost to the rider.

“This is the first-time riders in Kenya have been offered this level of insurance, and it comes at no cost [to the rider],” Uber said in a recent statement.

Injury protection will apply to all of Uber’s Kenya-based services, including uberX, uberBODA, uberPOA, uberCHAPCHAP and uberSELECT rides.

The company affirmed that its riders are covered from the time their ride begins, until the trip ends.

“Injury Protection coverage for Uber riders is provided by UAP-Old Mutual. Uber is not an insurance provider and does not offer any insurance services,” the firm clarified in its statement.

The company added that all Uber riders in Kenya are insured under the Rider Injury Protection program.

The announcement comes barely a month after Uber Uber launched its ‘uberBODA’ service in Nairobi, a service that allows riders to hail a motorcycle using the Uber app.

The move comes at a time when Nairobi County authorities are planning to bring order in the fast-growing motorcycle sector. Uber is nonetheless confident in its recent investments. The insurance cover for instance, will set the ride hailing platform aside from many of its competitors.

“This Injury Protection policy, which is going live on 21 December 2018, has been tailored specifically for riders who need a safe, reliable and affordable option to move around their city,” Uber concluded.


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