Uber Launches New UberASSIST Service for Elderly and Physically-Challenged Riders in Nairobi

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International taxi hailing platform, Uber, has unveiled a new service dubbed uberASSIST in Nairobi, Kenya.

The move is the company’s latest strategy in an industry that has grown more competitive in recent years. Uber launched in Kenya roughly three years ago and has faced off against a number of rivals – including Little and Taxify, among others – for the country’s market share.

“UberASSIST is a new option that has been designed to help riders who are elderly, disabled or require additional assistance when travelling. This includes those with special needs who may just feel more comfortable with an extra hand when getting from A to B,” Uber said in a statement issued this week.

Uber started the pilot of the service dubbed UberASSIST in Nairobi, making Kenya’s capital the third city in Africa where UberASSIST has been rolled out after Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa, where the feature was launched in August 2017.

“UberASSIST has been designed to provide additional assistance for members of the senior and disabled communities. Driver-partners are specifically trained to assist riders when getting into a vehicle, and can accommodate folding wheelchairs and walkers,” the company added following the launch.

The service was first launched in 2014, together with UberACCESS (UberWAV) in San Diego, in the United States. Today, the UberACCESS Kenya fleet features disability-friendly vehicles.

“Moving around your city should be quick and convenient for all. At Uber, we strive to create transportation options that give equal opportunities and access to everyone,” said Uber.


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