Airtel Improves Condition for Borrowing Airtime in Uganda

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Airtel Uganda subscribers can now borrow airtime for a second time without having paid back an old debt with the revamp of the telco’s Beerako product.

Beerako enables subscribers to borrow airtime to call, text and purchase data to be paid back whenever they recharge their accounts.

The revamp allows the borrowing of a maximum of two loans within a subscriber’s qualified limit, with each loan having its own expiry date.

Remy Tugume, New Product Development Manager, Airtel Uganda

said, “One of the unique features offered by the newBeerako is the fact that only one loan can be recovered at a time- the oldest one first- when an account is recharged and as soon as the first loan has been repaid, you are free to get a second loan within your loanable limit.”

In the case that a subscriber has recharged their account and wants to settle both loans, they can do so through the pay back option on Beerako’s menu.

The product attracts an 11 per cent service fee per loan.


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