Mozambique Prepares to Invest $13bn in Port, Railway and Corridor Infrastructure Development

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Mozambique expects to invest more than $13 billion in port, railway and corridor infrastructure developments and upgrades, creating significant opportunities along the way.

dmg events, a leading international events company, has been keen to capitalize on these developments. The company said this week that it plans to expand its reach in Africa, with the continent proving essential to the company’s growth plans.

“That’s the kind of long-term investment programme that helps shape our strategy in the region,” said Devi Paulsen, Vice President of dmg events Africa.

The burgeoning transport sector is the latest to see a new launch from the company, with an event titled the ‘Mozambique Ports and Rail Evolution Forum 2019’ set to take place in Maputo in May this year. The forum joins two existing transport events already taking place in Africa, as dmg events’ grows its portfolio in the sector.

“As we look to further our expansion into the key markets and essential industries on the continent we will continue to comb economic data for the investment indicators we know will help us deliver great events for our exhibitors in dynamic markets,” Paulsen added.

The new launch in Mozambique comes as the third edition of the established West African Ports and Rail Evolution event debuts in Nigeria later this year. Also heading to Nigeria is The Big Five Construct Nigeria, an event based on the company’s flagship construction brand, but carefully adapted to suit the regional market.

These pioneering events demonstrate dmg events’ ability to provide expert support to important industries while developing new brands and markets for its global network of exhibitors.

These exhibitors benefit directly from dmg events’ sustained investment in its Africa operations – including two offices in South Africa and one in Egypt- as the company deepens the level of support it offers to its exhibitors and participants onsite.

“This is part of our significant commitment to the region,” said Paulsen.

“Being onsite helps us to better reach our audience and understand the needs of the markets where we operate,” she continued.

Dmg noted that all of the company’s events in Africa are underpinned by ministerial support, reaffirming the organization’s ability to align its events with long-term government investment and planning in the sectors where it operates.



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