EU Grants Liberia €10m Budgetary Support

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 The European Union (EU) has injected EUR 10 million ($11.4 million) into the budget of the Republic of Liberia, the third payment under its budget support programme. In 2015, the EU made a payment of EUR 29.2 million and EUR 16 million in 2016 to the country.

“The EU expects that the Government will use it to provide Liberians with the vital public services they deserve and it has committed to provide: health, education, security and rule of law,” Ambassador Tiina Intelmann, Head of the European Union Delegation to Liberia.

Disbursement of the third payment follows satisfactory progress registered by the Government of Liberia in improving public financial management, security and rule of law with the Agenda for Transformation, the country’s medium-term development strategy.

With the previous EU support, the Liberian Government has operationalized four pilot county treasuries, the establishment of a Civilian Complaints Board for the police and immigration services and improved access to justice through magistrates’ courts and county courts for sexual and gender-based violence related cases.

Intelmann encouraged the Government to continue improving the management of public finances, fight against corruption and efforts to better plan procurement in the security and rule of law sectors.

The EU however withheld EUR 2 million for the country’s failure to meet indicators of timely publication of procurement plans for the Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary and for spending less money than planned in the security and rule of law sectors.


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  1. Does this grant includes salaries of those implementing or monitoring this grant? Is there straight policies and procedures to curb corruption? We need transparency.

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