Mauritius tops Forbes best place to do business in Africa

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Mauritius is the best place to do business in Africa, according to the latest Forbes Magazine rankings.

The Island was the 39th best country to do business out 161 based on 15 criteria. The criteria for the rankings took in consideration, property rights, innovation, taxes, corruption, freedom (personal, economic and monetary), bureaucracy and investor protection, workforce availability, infrastructures, the market size as well as the living conditions.

South Africa (59th globally) is the second in Africa, ahead of Morocco (62nd on a global scale), Seychelles, Tunisia, Botswana, Rwanda, Kenya and Ghana. Egypt (95th on a global scale) is the last of the top 10 African countries for business in 2019.  

Most African countries are located further down in the ranking. Out of the ten worst countries for business, according to the ranking, seven are in Africa.

On a global scale, the UK is the best country, ahead of Sweden, Japan, the Netherland, New-Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, Australia and Switzerland. The USA is ranked 17th while China is the 49th.


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