Brand Africa Founder Challenges Regional Entrepreneurs to Step Up as Nike is Named Most Admired Brand in Africa

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Brand Africa, an independent Non-Profit Organisation registered in the Republic of South Africa, through its Founder, Thebe Ikalafeng, has challenged African entrepreneurs to step up their game as the continent continues to compete with international brands.

The group recently announced the Top 100 brands in Africa in their 7th annual Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands event. The winners were unveiled at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) headquarters, at an event graced by industry leaders from across Africa.

US sports and fitness brand, Nike retained its crown as the most admired brand in Africa, while Dangote retained its rank as the most admired African brand.

Overall, African brands faltered to an all-time low 14% share of the Top 100 most admired brands on the continent.

Faced with a relentless focus on the African opportunity and investment by non-African brands, Africa’s share of the most admired brands has been rapidly declining over the past 3 years from a high of 25% in 2013/4 to lows of 16% in 2015/6, 16% in 2016/7 and 17% in 2017/8.

Non-African brands have entrenched their positions in Africa, with North American brands, dominated exclusively by United States of America brands (28%), leading with a growth of 17% versus 2017/8.

The strength of USA brands was boosted by the entry and/or re-entry of stalwart American brands such as Levi’s (ranked number 71, Chevrolet (ranked number 91) and Pepsi’s Miranda at number 80, who are all among the 20 new entrants.

Meanwhile, European brands (41%) are up by 2.5% and Asian brands (17%) down by 10%, round up the continental spread of brands Africans admire.

Commenting on the results, Ikalafeng, Founder and Chairman of Brand Africa and Brand Leadership expressed discontent in the fact that more African brands were not leading the charge.

“It is disappointing that despite its vibrant entrepreneurial environment, Africa is not creating new competitive brands to meet the needs of its growing consumer market,” he said.

At the event, Nike, MTN, Dangote, Ecobank and BBC were recognised as the most admired brands on the continent.

Brand Africa 100 was developed by pan-African branding and reputation advisory firm, Brand Leadership Group supported by GeoPoll, the leader in mobile-based market research throughout Africa, and strategic analysis and insights by Kantar TNS, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company.

GeoPoll used their sophisticated mobile survey platform to identify the most admired brands in Africa among a representative sample of African consumers in 25 African countries.

“The scope of the Brand Africa study across such a diverse sample and geographic spread would be impossible to achieve using traditional research methodologies,” said Nicholas Becker, GeoPoll CEO.

“Using GeoPoll’s mobile-based research platform and large panel of respondents, we were able to quickly gather more than 15,000 brand mentions from 25 countries in Africa, providing brands with valuable data that will inform their growth. GeoPoll was pleased to partner with Brand Africa once again to gather this vital research across Africa,” he explained.

It emerged that African brands fell by 18% compared to last year. Based on recent research, non-African brands dominate Africa at 86% of top 100 brands in Africa.

Based on the data, MTN is the highest listed brand on the JSE among the Top 100 most admired brands in Africa. MTN (South Africa), Dangote (Nigeria) and Safaricom (Kenya) are the highest brands listed on the leading Sub-Saharan bourses, the JSE, Nigeria Stock Exchange and Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Since 2011, the Brand Africa 100 has been surveying and ranking the most admired brands spontaneously recalled by African consumers.

The 2018/19 Brand Africa 100 list, which is calculated from 15,000 brand mentions illustrates a diversified range of brands in Africa and shows year on year consistency with 80% of the Top 100 brands having been in the Top 100 Most Admired Brands in previous years.

“These rankings are an important metric of and challenge for creating home-grown competitive African brands that will transform the African promise and change its narrative and image as a competitive continent. African brands have an important role in helping to build the African brand,” said Ikalafeng.

“The key to success for building sustainable brands, irrespective of origins or domicile, is to establish an emotional connection, creating intimacy and being more present in consumers everyday lives,” commented Karin Du Chenne, Chief Growth Officer Africa Middle East.

“This survey, a complex analysis of diverse data and countries to arrive at a representative ranking, is an important metric of the brands that play that are doing a better job and playing a vital role in Africa,” Du Chene concluded.



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