Nigeria’s RETTI to train and mentor solar entrepreneurs

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Renewable Energy Technology Training Institute (RETTI), a subsidiary of Renewable Energy Technology Training Company, announced that it plans to raise 1,000 installers and entrepreneurs in the solar energy sub-sector this year.

RETTI, which is one of Nigeria’s foremost institutes focused solely on renewable energy technology education,  revealed that its goal this year is to train and mentor 1,000 individuals and support them to establish as solar installers and entrepreneurs.

A statement released by the institute noted that its mission was to promote the knowledge of renewable energy and energy efficiency best practices through tailor-made courses that address the energy value chain. The company also said that it contributes to capacity building thereby creating efficient energy technicians, engineers, developers and employees, who will create solutions to solve the energy problems in their communities.

The statement said that “after training, RETTI don’t just leave the students on their own. The students who become alumni of the institute are inducted into the Business Growth Support Plan launched this year, where they receive constant support and advisory from professionals to help them start and grow their businesses. So far, more than 10 solar businesses have been established through this plan”.

The Chief Executive Officer and Lead Instructor of RETTI, Ms. Glory Oguegbu said opportunities in the solar sector have risen rapidly in the last five years, adding that training a prepared and skilled workforce that enables the solar industry to meet growing deployment demands is a high priority.

According to Oguegbu, “RETTI will prepare a new generation of skilled human resource for the solar industry. This greatly increase the sustainability of solar projects and make the general public trust that solar products work”.

She added that “our goal is really to train, mentor and support them to be able to establish as entrepreneurs and then be equipped to create solutions for the energy demands of their communities. The reason you hear about failed solar projects is because of the lack of capacity of the installers”.



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