GE Healthcare Launches Ultrasound System in Bid to Drive Access to Affordable Healthcare in South Africa

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GE Healthcare, the $19.8 billion healthcare business of United States-based multinational conglomerate, GE, has announced the launch of its Versana Premier Ultrasound system for the first time in South Africa.

Versana Premier is part of the Versana ultrasound ‘family’, which includes solutions that “help empower care without compromise, balancing capability, affordability, and reliability.”

The launch took place in multiple customer sites in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.

“This innovative system is well suited for general practice clinics, physical check-up centers, community health clinics, and other facilities offering basic medical care. A wide variety of ultrasound probes and clinical features allows healthcare professionals to provide quick and comfortable exams, see clearly, and confidently diagnose a broad range of conditions covering abdominal, OB/GYN, cardiac, urology, vascular and musculoskeletal exams,” GE Healthcare said in a recent statement.

“Part of GE’s new Versana Ultrasound range, affordable care Versana Premier is easy to use and easy to own. This world-class ultrasound is designed for peace of mind and making healthcare accessible to all. It also comes with local product and clinical training to help healthcare professionals gain comfort and proficiency with the system to enhance patient care,” the group continued.

“As players in South Africa’s healthcare industry, each one of us has a responsibility to lead the way in improving the quality of healthcare and support the country’s vision in achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for all,” said Graham Maritz, General Manager for GE Healthcare in Southern Africa.

“Through continuous investment in innovation and education, GE Healthcare is dedicated to drive access to affordable healthcare in collaboration with our partners through solutions such as Versana Premier,” he added.

As part of the United Nations sustainable development goals, universal health care (UHC) means that every person, everywhere, should have access to quality healthcare. South Africa is in the process of introducing an innovative system of healthcare financing through the National Health Insurance (NHI) to ensure that everyone has access to appropriate, efficient and quality health services.

Through a range of strategic partnerships and localization commitments, GE is currently supporting sustainable healthcare development working with both the public and private sectors, to help improve health outcomes for all South Africans.


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