SyndiGate Targets Africa, the Middle East and Asia with New Digital Content and Licensing Marketplace

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SyndiGate, a leading content marketing agency, has launched DISCO, a revolutionary digital content marketplace where buyers can access, search for, and acquire an instant license to use or republish content, all of which is fully rights-cleared.

Established in Amman, Jordan, in 2007, SyndiGate licenses news, features, photographs, video, real-time data and other information from thousands of the widest-read and most-respected publishers and content providers, with a focus on content from Africa, the Middle East and Asia, plus premium publishing brands from the West.

SyndiGate packages and provides licensed content to a broad range of customers including leading brands, commercial websites, global information businesses, subscription database services, data analytics companies, libraries, app developers, mobile operators and more.

The group’s new DISCO platform combines proprietary technology with world-class journalism and is an essential tool for publishers, broadcasters, and brands in the Middle East who are looking for trustworthy, multilingual content that generates and engages audiences, and drives revenue.

Initially targeting content buyers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, DISCO is available world-wide and supports content in multiple languages.

The DISCO content marketplace targets Art Directors, Content Marketing, Creative Directors, Editors, Deputy Editors, Freelance Photo Researchers, Photo Editors, Photo Researchers, Producers, and Production Associates.

“Named after the Latin verb of the same name, DISCO opens up content buyers to a vast array of content formats including; videos, features, illustrations, interviews, images and infographics, among many others. The unique platform offers flexible payment models that put the needs of the content buyer at the forefront, including Pay-Per-Use (PPU), monthly license fees, or content credit packages,” SyndiGate said in a statement.

“DISCO offers content buyers a more diverse range of super-premium, multilingual content, all from a single, trusted platform. We don’t believe in locking our clients into annual license fees – a legacy model that favours the content provider, and one DISCO intends to disrupt,” said Mark Gatty Saunt, Co-Founder and Director of Content Sales and Licensing at SyndiGate.



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