C40 Forum to Highlight Benefits of Sustainable Cities while Showcasing Investment Opportunities in Africa

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Investors, government officials and other stakeholders have been encouraged to invest in sustainable cities ahead of a high profile event dubbed the C40 Forum.

C40 is a global network of large cities taking action to address climate change by developing and implementing policies and programs that generate measurable reductions in both greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks.

The event was launched in 2005 when then Mayor of London Ken Livingstone convened representatives from 18 megacities to pursue action and cooperation on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The network has since grown to 40 cities, hence the name C40.

This year Forum will be held in Africa for the first time, allowing the continent’s leading city officials to connect with investors at the industry-leading sustainability Forum in Johannesburg on 12th June, 2019.

The event aims to highlight the huge investment opportunity in Africa, paving the way for a more sustainable future; Speaker highlights include Val Smith, Managing Director and Global Head, Corporate Sustainability, Citi; Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba for City of Johannesburg; Mayor Sowah, City of Accra

The C40 Cities’ ‘Financing Sustainable African Cities’ Forum will provide a high-profile platform for city mayors and senior officials from across Africa to connect with investors, including Rand Merchant Bank and AfD, international stakeholders and not-for-profit organisations, during an exclusive one-day event.

The Forum is hosted by C40 Cities’ Financing Sustainable Cities Initiative (FSCI), which is supported by the Citi Foundation.

The Forum will showcase the potential of Africa’s city-level projects and the opportunities available for an investment community that is increasingly seeking out sustainable urban solutions in the region. It will help to facilitate new investment in these solutions, empowering African cities to take the lead in changing the trajectory of the fight against climate change.

Speakers in attendance will include Ambassador Bene Lofongo M’poko, Dean of the Diplomatic Corp in South Africa; Jerrod Moodley, Rand Merchant Bank; Mayor of Sowah, City of Accra, Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba, City of Johannesburg and Val Smith, Managing Director and Global Head, Corporate Sustainability, Citi.

Topics to be discussed include financial tools for climate adaptation in cities, aligning inclusivity with sustainability and partnerships to develop clean transportation and energy, culminating in wrap-up sessions for cities to discuss new ideas for sustainable change, share expertise and decide next steps in their journey to tackle climate change.

“Safeguarding the future of global cities has never been more important, with over half the world’s population now living in urban areas. The knowledge, technologies and ambition exist to make cities more resilient and accelerate urban sustainability projects across the globe. Furthermore, city leaders share this ambition and are committed to making this much-needed change happen for the wellbeing of residents and future generations,” C40 officials said in a recent statement.

“As a key player in driving urban sustainability projects across the globe, we are proud to be facilitating the conversation around sustainable city financing in Africa for the first time,” explained James Alexander, City Finance Programme Director, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

“We are committed to driving environmentally sound solutions and facilitating global partnerships throughout the region and beyond. African cities offer viable investment opportunities and we hope to demonstrate this through the Forum, enabling investors to recognise the potential that awaits here,” he concluded.


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