Industrial gold production in 2018 expected to rise by 21 percent in Mali

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Reuters reports that despite slightly lower than expected output of industrial gold production in Mali, Africa’s third largest producer of gold, production is still expected to rise almost 21 percent to 60 tonnes in 2018.

Head of mines devision, Abuobacar Ogognagaly, revealed that a previous forecast of 59.3 tonnes of gold for 2018 had been marginally increased.

Ogognagaly said “it’s a realistic forecast, provided that there are no major technical problems at the facilities”. With nine gold mines operated by multinational companies including Randgold Resources, Anglogold Ashanti, B2Gold and Resolute mining, Mali is the third largest producer of gold after South Africa and Ghana.

According to the mines ministry, production at B2Gold’s Fekola ans Hummingbird Resources’ Komana mines, was primarily the reason for the expected increase in output for 2018. By the end of July 2018, Mali’s industrial miners had produced 34.57 tonnes of gold compared with a forecast of 34.66 tonnes.

The deputy director of the government’s Cell for Planning and Statistics, Mamadou Sidibe, said the rainy season was responsible for the lower output, but he expects production in the coming months to make up for it.



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