Bosch’s Customized Tradesmen kit Launched in Lagos, Nigeria

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Bosch Nigeria has launched an innovative tradesmen kits “The Bosch Power Tradesmen Kits”, designed to help welders and carpenters in Nigeria maximise productivity as well as drive growth in the informal sector.
The Kits which has specialised features for Carpenters and Welders in Nigeria was launched at the National Stadium in Lagos with hundreds of artisans present.
Bosch Nigeria, in ensuring that the kit serves its full purpose, collaborated with artisans for several months,  to provide relevant tools, associated with accessories needed by the craftsmen for daily usage
According to Mr. Frank Diermann, the Country Sales Director Bosch Nigeria, the essence of the programme is to help Nigerian artisans migrate from using hand tools to the more sophisticated power tools which is designed to deliver better efficiency, speed and productivity.
He added that the importance of having quality power tools for artisans cannot be overemphasized, especially in a market such as Nigeria where unskilled labour constitutes a majority of the labour force.
“The initial partnership program with Carpenters and Welders with the Tradesmen Kits is a strategic investment for Bosch in Nigeria in the development of the artisan’s skills and output to enhance the livelihood of these individuals,” Diermann said.
The empowerment scheme which is planned to be a pan Nigeria project is being undertaken with strong support and collaboration from major stakeholders including Bank of Industry, Union Bank of Nigeria, Aledin, Bosch authorised Dealers and the Presidents of the Professional Associations for Carpenters and Welders of Nigeria.
 According to Jeremy Adesanya, Conversion Manager at Bosch Nigeria, the specialized tool is sold at a discounted rate of N80, 000, about 30 percent less than the market price. However, the artisan is only expected to pay N30 000, BOI will advance them a micro-credit of N50 000 which they are Expected to pay back within six months.
About 400 artisans from both the Nigerian Welders Association and Professional Carpenters and Furniture-Makers Association benefitted from the scheme, but many more are likely to join the list following the successful launch of the programme, according to Alhaji Ola Balogun President Nigerian Welder Association.
His sentiment was corroborated by the President of Professional Carpenters and Furniture Makers Association (P.C.F.A.) of Nigeria Comrade Aluko, who commended Bosch for the initiative and noted that the campaign will help Bosch reinforce its presence and market leadership in the power tool market in Nigeria.
Also in order to tackle challenges related to after sale repairs and services, the German company has already set up a strong after-sale office in Nigeria, it has also made efforts to ensure that customers have easier access to original Bosch tools.
Some of the artisans who spoke at the event commended the company for the initiative adding that this will close the gap that has in time past been exploited by merchants of sub-standard Bosch power tools.

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