Kobo360 to expand its operations to more African countries

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Kobo360, a Nigerian technology and logistics firm said it is set to launch its operations in Ghana in April and Kenya in May 2019. This development comes after the company’s launch in Togo last year.

In 2018, Kobo360 raised a $6 million equity investment led by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to upgrade its platform and expand operations to Ghana, Togo and Cote D’Ivoire. The firm intends to build a global logistic operating system [G-LOS] that will power trade and commerce across Africa and Emerging Markets.

The Founder of Kobo360, Mr Ife Oyedele, told a sector panel on logistics on the sidelines of the Africa CEO Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, that the expansion is informed by steady growth in the key trading and transport hubs port of 12 percent in Togo, 10 percent in Kenya and 7.9 percent in Ghana.

Oyedele said “Kenya is the hub of East Africa, it is the most innovative market in technology and if we win here, we have won across the region. From here we will expand to Uganda and Tanzania. By adding Ghana to our West African territories of Togo and Nigeria, we will link all the markets to a global logistics system and this will help us to serve our customers across a seamlessly lined pan-African market. By this we create value to our customers as we are in all the key countries in the continent”.

Kobo360 was founded by Ife Oyedele ll and Obi Ozor in 2017. It is a tech-enabled logistics platform that aggregates end-to-end haulage operations to help cargo owners, truck owners, drivers, and cargo recipients to achieve an efficient supply chain framework.


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