Renewable Energy Firm Uncharted Play Changes Name to Uncharted Power

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Uncharted Play, the renewable energy company, known for its flagship product, the SOCCKET, announced this week that it has officially changed its name to Uncharted Power.  The change reflects the company’s shift from a renewable energy sports company, to a power utility company focused on using their proprietary technology to harness untapped kinetic energy to power communities around the world.

For the past year, Uncharted Power has been developing its microgeneration system MORE (Motion-based, Off-Grid, Renewable Energy) that harnesses energy from motion. MORE can be fully integrated into anything that moves, from speed bumps to strollers. In infrastructure, MORE can be used to generate energy from vehicles and people driving and walking over them. When installed, Uncharted Power’s MORE solutions provide a source of clean, consistent, and cost-efficient power for communities, large facilities, and the Internet of Things.

The MORE system is designed to be modular and scalable, allowing the company to combine different solutions over time to create ecosystems of power. When installed, the MORE system can generate hundreds of kilowatt hours per day that can then be used for microgrid and off-grid electrification, as well as providing savings of up to 20% or more on electricity costs.

“We are redefining the way people think about a ‘power company’. We have spent two years developing technology that gives everyday people doing everyday things a role in creating the energy they need for the world they want.” says Founder & CEO, Jessica O. Matthews.

While the company has already successfully incorporated MORE into consumer products, Uncharted Power is largely focused on infrastructural integrations of its core technology. The company plans on publicly launching pilot installations of their power solutions in early 2018.

Elements of the Uncharted Play brand will continue to live on at Uncharted Power through the company’s 360° sustainability platform.   360° sustainability is Uncharted Power’s holistic strategy aimed at addressing various community needs with each project the company executes. 360° sustainability will ensure that Uncharted Power is actualizing the concept of a sustainable and equitable city using the company’s educational platform UPLift 1 Million.

“In many ways, the switch from ‘play’ to ‘power’ is a minor change where we replace four letters with five ”, says Matthews. “Our mission, to democratize energy, has not changed–nor has our vision for the world.”

The company name change is effective immediately and will be implemented across the company’s products and services throughout the calendar year of 2017.


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